Make Ice | Give Water

Make Ice | Give Water

People are in need of our
At Iceworks, we believe every child is worthy of a strong, vibrant, and healthy life, and providing clean water is the first step that enables children to thrive and achieve this.

Clean water helps make possible lasting improvements in health, education, gender equality, economic development, and other well being aspects. We are committed to providing water for the betterment of children and families around the world.

In partnership with World Vision, we are proud to be part of a community which is providing access to clean water for over 200,000 people in Honduras.

When you lease an ice machine with us, your first monthly payment will go directly to World Vision to help bring clean water to those who need it most in Honduras. You can learn more about World Vision, where and how they work, and additional ways to support their mission at

We invite you to join us in this journey to ensure that all children and families have life changing access to clean water!